The Perfect Glow

So it has taken a while, it has taken some trial and error (a lot of error) but I think I have found my perfect self tan and I have some handy tips for you to find yours!


Self tanners range anywhere from he price of a cup of coffee to oh my gosh it more expensive than my shoes! I feel like I have a good range of prices today and before you get too nervous, my favourite self tan happens to be the least expensive!

Much like finding your perfect foundation, you need to know your skin tone. Pink, yellow or neutral – there are many ways to find out already, a quick google will help you! So before I get into it I’ll let you know that I have a more neutral skin tone. I have a self tanner for each skin tone too!

So the self tanners I have are from the brands St. Moriz, Le Tan & St. Tropez!

photo 2 (5)
photo 3 (4)

The first self tan I have is St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse.
This best suits NEUTRAL skin tones.
About this self tan:
– Deep cool brown colour at first that develops into a warm violet brown tan
– 18 ingredients (including the colours red, yellow & blue)
– medium darkness
– claims “a healthy golden brown”
– instant self tanning mousse
– long lasting
– fast drying
– no streaks
– a professional flawless tan, no mess application
This self tan is 200ml (6.76 fl oz) will cost you anywhere from $5 to $10 – depending where you live or where you buy it! I bought mine on eBay for $9 including postage, bargain! At first application this mousse applies an ashy light brown colour which was a bit strange! Out of all of the fake tans I have used this one blends so amazingly. It is really true to the “no streaks” claim! After about 10 hours I washed off the tan and was left with a gorgeous, natural looking tan. Also, this tan fades nicely!

photo 4 (2)
photo 5 (2)

The second self tan I have is Le Tan Instant Foaming Mousse.
This best suits YELLOW skin tones.
About this self tan:
– Bright golden yellow colour
– 19 ingredients (including caramel)
– deep bronze
– claims “this caramel tinted foam spreads easily, ensures a natural looking, even, streak free tan”
– instant foaming mousse
– streak free
– natural looking tan
This self tan is 110ml (3.71 fl oz) and will cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on where you buy it/what sales are on, although this is kinda expensive it’s pretty cheap for Australia! This self tan is what I can imagine causes that “oompa loompa” tan! It applies a light yellowy caramel colour and developed a slightly darker yellowy caramel colour, hahaha. This tan does blend nicely but unless you have yellow undertones then again stay away! This tan can get a little streaky but fades pretty well!

photo 1 (6)
photo 2 (6)

The last self tan I have is St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.
This suits PINK skin tones.
About this self tan
– Deep cool brown colour
– 19 ingredients (including the colours red, yellow and blue)
– claims “super lightweight velvety mousse delivers the all over sunless tan you’ve always wanted”
– natural looking
– streak free
– suitable for any skin type
– “ultimate tan”
This self tan is 240 ml (8 fl oz) and will cost you $50 – $60 – I would never pay that much, I got mine half price during a sale for $29. This smells like cologne, yum! This is the lighter tanning mousse that St Tropez offers and is quite pricey. Had I never tried the St Moriz tan, this would still be my favourite BUT the St Moriz is a fantastic dupe and a fraction of the price. This tan is a great brown tan. Not caramel, not yellow but brown which is awesome. One thing that absolutely sucks is that it stains skin, you have to be quick. I dotted this on my leg then rubbed in with a mitt and I had dot stains, ugh. If left to fade on dry skin this also looks like dirt! Fantastic tan colour, not worth it now I’ve found St Moriz.

So I hope this comparison has helped you to find a more suitable tan and always remember, low price doesn’t always mean low quality – you just have to do your research! A lot of fake tan is also trial and error!

Have fun! The amount of times I’ve had a laugh at my patchy tan feet…. Hahaha! Anyway here are some comparison pics that my boyfriend generously donated his thigh for as I am already a lovely shade of St Moriz! (He is a neutral/olive undertone)

Freshly applied

Freshly applied

Before shower

Before shower

After shower

After shower

xx Amanda