MAC Pro Longwear Dupe?!

I recently got my hands on the forever hyped MAC Pro Longwear concealer, during my search for the perfect concealer I grabbed a couple of the LA Girl Pro Conceal after reading rave reviews! Today I’m going to compare the two for you!

Let me just say… The MAC Pro Longwear Concealer cost me $32 AUD while the LA Girl Pro Conceal cost me $3 AUD, so just keep that in mind!


I have the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in the shade NW20 and the LA Girl Pro Conceal in the shade Classic Ivory. Both of these concealers are pink toned as they were bought specifically for under my eyes!


Pro Longwear concealer is a lot thinner in consistency while the Pro Conceal is nice and creamy. The Pro Conceal is also A LOT peachier!


I find the Pro Longwear a lot drier, and it also isn’t good for layering. The Pro Conceal is a good consistency for layering to hide those dark circles!

imageDepending on your level of dark circles I think the Pro a Longwear is great for a long wearing concealer for average dark circles, while the Pro Conceal is better for darker circles as you can layer it!


3 thoughts on “MAC Pro Longwear Dupe?!

  1. I find that pro long wear is the only concealer that doesn’t crease under my eyes! I just use a corrector first šŸ™‚

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