Benefit SUGARBOMB! Review & Swatches!

Hey everyone! I got Sugarbomb by Benefit last month and I have been using it like crazy! Benefit says this Box o’ Powder “is your sugar rush flush” which is adorable! This blush has four different colours – peach, pink, plum & rose – and is described as “sweet sugary peach pink” which is pretty spot on!


I have been wearing this blush with Rockateur almost every day! I first apply Sugarbomb all over my cheek and where I would usually use a cheek highlight, I next add a layer of Rockateur and I apply this just above my contour!


My favourite thing about this blush combination is how beautiful and glowing it looks! I have been quite tan lately and this is just stunning, it gives a glowing, healthy sunkissed look


One thing that I really don’t understand about Sugarbomb is that on the product (the bottom half of the box) the image is chocolate, it’s shaved chocolate with chocolate pieces! I really don’t get it haha, it doesn’t smell like chocolate… It doesn’t look like chocolate…


This blush is definitely going into my favourites! I can’t imagine this blush not looking good on anyone! I would definitely repurchase this blush – if I ever get through it!
x Amanda

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