Orange Lips Alert! Innoxa Matte Lipstick in Tangerine & Invisible Lip Liner!

Hey everyone! If you already have Instagram you will already know how many competitions are held on there! So I entered an Innoxa competition, all you have to do is repost a picture to have a chance of winning, and I won!


For anyone who doesn’t know, Innoxa was created in France in 1920. The brand prides itself by being hypo-allergenic and good for your face! The products are also paraben free & not tested on animals, yay! Innoxa is stocked in Myer, Priceline and various pharmacies in Australia and also in New Zealand.

So today my little package arrived with a letter stating what I have won and some pretty, colorful pictures, so many pretty colours… Back to what I was saying…


The first product I have here is the Invisible Lip Shaper. According to the Innoxa website the Invisible Lip Shaper softens and contours the lips and can also be used as a lip primer. I’m super happy about this product because I don’t own a lip primer! I also like that this can be worn under any shade I like! The Invisible Lip Shaper has a baby pink pearlescent tube, the packaging is really pretty!


The Invisible Lip Primer makes the lips appear matte, the texture is like a combination of soft wax and a balm! I really like the way it makes my lips look! I can’t really capture that in a photo since it is invisible, of course.


And now for the best bit, new lipstick! I’m a serious lipstick hoarder and this lipstick is the reason I entered the competition! So here I have the Summer Matte Lipstick in the shade Tangerine! Innoxa Summer Matte Lipsticks contain Jojoba oil and vitamins C & E which will be great for my lips!


The colour is no joke, it is seriously Tangerine, it’s like an explosion of orange and it makes my teeth look awesomely white! This is definitely not a “grandma orange” (unless you have a really awesome grandma)! The lipstick is housed in a square silver tube with Innoxa printed on the lid. There is a colour window at the bottom that shows the colour of the lipstick inside!


If you live in Australia or New Zealand, I recommend checking out Innoxa! Both of these products retail for $14.95. The lipstick formula is so creamy and moisturizing! If you are from elsewhere in the world then I guess you’re just going to have to go without… Or wait for my awesome giveaway hint hint!

xx Amanda

* The products discussed In this post were won by me from the brand Innoxa (yay). The opinions are my own and this is not sponsored in any way!

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