NARS Riviera Multiple Review & Swatches!


Hey everyone! Last month for my birthday I got a new NARS Multiple. I would say that The Multiple by NARS is one of my favourite beauty products of all time! Riviera is the third (and definitely not my last) Multiple that I now own.


NARS describes Riviera as a true pink. The colour definitely leans a little peach but it is a gorgeous shade. The best thing about Riviera is that it is the most natural looking cheek product that I have ever used. When I asked my boyfriend how it looked he asked “how does what look?” He really couldn’t tell I was wearing Riviera!


NARS Multiples are a huge 14g size. They contain 2g more than an original Benefit Boxed Powder which most will know is a pretty generous amount.

(Excuse my pale face!)

I found that Riviera has a totally different texture to Puerto Vallarta and Angelika, the texture is lighter and thinner. When I apply Angelika it is an extremely pigmented and feels almost like a mousse, Puerto Vallarta the same! Riviera is definitely more shimmery, I would describe it as a frosted finish.



Riviera is a beautiful addition to my collection and I love using it on the days when I wear less makeup, it makes me even more excited to try more Multiples!

x Amanda

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