Something Else About Me

Hey everyone! So I’ve been a little absent this week, I thought my last post was posted but it was saved in drafts, ughhhhh. It’s all sorted now!

Anyway! Besides beauty blogging, one of my hobbies is art, I have always been a creative mess which is a whole different story. I am a big starter-and-never-finisher of projects, I do get a lot of my work “finished” but I can honestly say I have only ever truly finished one piece of work. I have never been able to explain it (the only others who “get” me have also been into creating art) but I feel that pieces of art are never “finished” and can always be improved – it’s one of the reasons most of my work stays in sketchbooks. I thought I’d share this with you all because it is a pretty big part of my life! Here are a couple of pieces that I’ve been working on!







I’d love to know if any of you are into art!

xx Amanda

8 thoughts on “Something Else About Me

  1. Wow those are so, so good! I really love the second last one, there’s so much detail in it. I can barely draw a stick figure so have always been a bit jealous of people who can draw! If you ever want to give a header/logo a try….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha!

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