Benefit Rockateur Review & Swatches!

Hey everyone!

As you may know from my Birthday Haul post, I am the proud owner of the newest addition to Benefits family of boxed powders. Benefit Cosmetics are best known for their highly praised boxed powders!

(image from

The packaging is a combination of girly and rock – it kinda makes me think of Avril Lavigne, hahaha. Instead of the usual flat bristled brush, Rockateur comes with an angled brush for easier application. The box is the flip top design like the rest.


Benefit has been criticized over the different amount of product in Rockateur compared to the other boxed powders, for example Benefit’s Sugarbomb powder weighs 12g (0.42 oz.) but Rockateur weighs 5g (0.17 oz.). I think that the difference in product amount is because with Rockateur, Benefit changed the formula.


Rockateur feels smoother and silkier, a lot less powdery, it blends really well but I think some places can look a little heavier – building it up in layers is the best option. The texture reminds me of MAC’s Mineralize Skinfish.


The scent is like the other boxed powders but concentrated, it is soooo strong! I don’t think that it’s a good or bad thing. The smell is pleasant and it makes my makeup area smell awesome.


I am in love with the design on the actual powder, so much so that I didn’t use it until today! The colour is gorgeous, Benefit describes it as “rose gold” and that is pretty accurate. Maybe a dusty rose gold would describe Rockateur a bit better. This blush is absolutely glowing, it is gorgeous! After the first couple of uses the shimmer is gone but the glow stays.


Rockateur would be a gorgeous blush for fair to medium skin tones; I think it could make a pretty highlight shade for really deep skin tones. If you are tan then this blush is going to be your new best friend. I seriously can’t get enough of this blush! I think the packaging, the product, everything is just adorable! I think the overall product is super appealing to a lot of women in all different age groups; this would look fantastic on all women if used right!

(wearing Rockateur with no other cheek products)

If you have a Benefit stockist close you should definitely check out Rockateur, it is truly gorgeous and I don’t think you’re going to be able to avoid purchasing it! If you’re an Australian like me, Rockateur will set you back $55 AUD, if you feel this is a little steep, buy it online at Benefit Cosmetics for $28 USD, they ship internationally!

xx Amanda

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