Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in Pebble, Review & Swatches!


One of the top selling lip products by Yves Saint Laurent is the Golden Gloss, last year Golden Pebble was released amongst three other shades for Summer. I received Golden Pebble for my birthday and although this was a Summer collection this particular shade screams Winter.


The packaging is absolutely gorgeous as you would expect from YSL. The gloss sits in a thick transparent plastic square tube, the tube twists open and closed. The lid is a golden mirrored plastic with the Yves Saint Laurent logo on the front. The plastic tube is transparent revealing the actual product inside.


YSL describes the Golden Gloss as “Worth its weight in gold, this gorgeous gloss dresses lips in a sophisticated, high-shine shimmer that’s truly precious. Sparkling 24 carat gold flecks (0.2%) create a mirror-like effect for guaranteed glamour, while a complex of nourishing oils protect and hydrate for optimal comfort. Scented with a subtle hint of Mango that’s utterly irresistible.”


The scent is a little overwhelming to me, it definitely isn’t mango… Maybe peach? It reminds me a bit of the smell of Rimmel lip products.


When first applied the gloss sits on the lips and seems to slowly melt in. You can definitely feel it on your lips but it isn’t sticky or tacky, you won’t feel the glitter at all.


This gloss can be worn sheer or heavy, when sheer the Golden Pebble gives a gorgeous fresh out of the cold look. I prefer to wear Golden Pebble sheer. The colour is described as ‘burgundy plum’ which is quite accurate. The gloss in the tube appears overly glittery but it definitely isn’t on the lips, purple is the predominant colour shown in the glitter.


If you have constant dry lips I think another shade might suit you better, Golden Pebble can sink into fine lines and cracks.


I haven’t tried any of the other shades, I am liking this product! If you have a Yves Saint Laurent counter available you should have a look at the Golden Gloss selection, they are a best-seller for a reason!

x Amanda

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