Polish Picks For Spring

I picked up 2 nail polishes last week & I thought they would be perfect for spring. I chose some nail polishes that I think would be gorgeous this season.


1. BE (I think) in Shade 14 – These nail polishes have popped up in K-mart, they have a huuuuuge selection of colours although I can’t find any info about them online! This colour is unexpectedly gorgeous! This colour is a creamy blue based baby pink/purple. This colour is the love child of Saint Germain & Viva Glam Nicki 2 in polish form!

2. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Bubblegum Pink – My nail polish never lasts long, maybe two or three days and its super chipped. I thought I’d give this a try to see the wear time! It is a creamy pearlescent bubblegum pink!

3. Australis Nail Colour in Today’s News – I don’t own any coral nail polishes, this is my first! I think corals can lean a little grandma depending how you wear them though, this nail polish is definitely not grandma! The colour is a creamy pinky coral and I am impressed!

4. Australis Nail Colour in #totesamaze – I think this polish as the most adorable name ever! I’ve had it’s nail polish for so long it’s nearly at that goopy stage, I have loved it that much! This polish is a creamy gel neon pink, love it for summer too!


xx Amanda

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