Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded Lipstick Review & Swatches

Essence is pretty hard for me to get my hands on at the moment, the limited edition stuff isn’t available online and both of my local Pricelines don’t stock it. The only place it is available near me is Target and for some reason, the Essence makeup at Target is… Disgusting. It is always used and has makeup all over the display, I don’t know why but it seems people love to destroy Essence haha. For some reason lately I have just skipped the Essence collections and I only bought two things this time.


I love Essence because they are ridiculously cheap! The lipstick was $3.99 and the brush was $3.50. I’m really not a fan of dual ended brushes but I thought this would be good to keep in my travel makeup bag! It comes in an adorable clear plastic pouch and has the 50’s Girls Reloaded design on a piece of card. On the back it says to apply eyeshadow with the bigger side and blend with the smaller side… I might use it opposite though! The brush is pearlescent white with blue bristles and ferrules. The bigger side is more dense and the smaller side is very flimsy, maybe good for the lower lash line. It is definitely worth the tiny price of $3.50!


The lipstick is called 02 I’m Sailing and it is what caught my eye. The packaging seems to be a bit of a rip off of MAC but shimmery white instead of black. The tube is also a tad chunkier! The colour is adorable, it’s like a quiet dupe of NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil (yay)! I’m Sailing is a sheer buttery apricot coral, the colour when applied too much does slip around and settle in patches so I think it is best worn sheer! I absolutely love this lipstick, it is what I was hoping from Lodhi because I find Lodhi is a bit much! I’m going to try and find another one of these lipsticks because I grabbed the last one at Target. For $3.99 this lipstick is perfect!


There is another colour but it is a deep pinky red colour and that’s not really a colour I’m into! I can’t wait to wear this lipstick, it seems I purchased at a perfect time for a daytime spring lip colour! Do you love an orange lip? xx Amanda

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