50 Random Facts & 50 Followers, Yay!

I thought I’d do a 50 random facts post to celebrate 50 followers! I can’t believe I have 50 followers in just one month, thank you SO much to everyone who follows me and reads my blog!

1. I am 23 years old
2. I live in Queensland, Australia.
3. I am very in love & have been in a relationship for 3 and a half years
4. My boyfriend and I have 1 dog & 3 kitties
5. My favorite colour is brown, weird I know but I love all shades of brown.
6. I probably love brown because my favorite food is chocolate
7. My favourite brush is the MAC #168
8. I’m an Xbox girl
9. I have 2 different colored eyes, I was born with blue eyes and later on there was a freckle in my eye that just kept growing and now half of my left eye is brown!
10. Animal cruelty and child abuse make me feel physically sick
11. I am super sensitive to smells, I can’t stand bad body odor.
12. I pretty much live on my iPad
13. I’m terrified of driving, I don’t have any kind of license or permit.
14. I love leopard print and hello kitty
15. I looooooove the feeling of fresh sheets!
16. I have a terrible memory, I forget the names of things and people almost instantly. I forget the names my favorite things and songs, I just forget everything!
17. I hate talking on the phone
18. I always forget I have stuff and buy more of the same thing
19. I bit my nails my whole life and only just stopped, it was hard!
20. Home made lasagne. Yum.
21. I’ll go out occasionally but I think clubbing is the biggest waste of money
22. My favorite TV shows are Sons of Anarchy & Greys Anatomy. I have watched them both at least 3 times start to finish!
23. My favorite makeup brand is NARS
24. I don’t really care for travel or holidays
25. I. Hate. Birds.
26. I really don’t like sand.
27. I have 4 brothers
28. Sleeping without a fan is impossible for me.
29. I LOVE coffee, yum!
30. I stand up for myself and don’t let anyone take advantage of me.
31. I’m really into art, I always have a drawing or painting I’m working on.
32. I read people well, the amount of times I could have said “I told you so…”
33. I have a lot of shoes… A lot.
34. I looooove melon scents!
35. My boyfriend always says I have too many clothes but he has more!
36. My favourite artist is Salvador Dali
37. Dirty jokes aren’t my thing. I am a bit of a prude.
38. Most of my clothes are black!
39. I need glasses to read and see long distances
40. I prefer gold jewelry
41. I’ve had pretty much every hair colour and I always go back to blonde
42. I’ll accept the fact that I have a lipstick addiction
43. Annoying my boyfriend is one of my favourite things to do
44. I don’t forgive people easily. I don’t hold grudges, I just remove people from my life.
45. Getting packages in the mail is my favourite thing!
46. I’m not into flowers but they’re a nice surprise!
47. I’m one of those people who really can’t keep plants alive.
48. My eyelashes are so short and I hate it!
49. I’m terrible at maths
50. I wish makeup was cheaper in Australia!

2 thoughts on “50 Random Facts & 50 Followers, Yay!

  1. I loved reading this! Haha the drivers in Australia are actually crazy… I love the feeling of fresh sheets too! It feels so amazing 🙂 Salvador Dali has done some incredible work! I remember the melting clocks piece. I have 2 brothers, and I have an insane show collection 😉 And yes the price of makeup here is crazy which is why I buy online 😉

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