MAC Snob Lipstick Dupe


MAC Snob… Where do I start. Snob by MAC is my favourite lipstick, ever! Anyone who lives in Australia would know that MAC Isn’t cheap here. One MAC lipstick is going to set you back $36 AUD. I usually buy high end makeup online but there are so many fake MAC products around that I only buy them from trusted sites. When I found a dupe for Snob I was pretty happy to say the least!


I own six out of the millions (so it seems) of shades available from NYX Cosmetics. I’m the type of person to do my research before buying makeup online because more often than not the swatches look nothing like the image provided online. When my NYX order arrived (I buy 3 at a time) I was so happy to see Power on my lips and I wore it everyday for a week or so! As usual I reached for MAC Snob a couple of days after constantly wearing NYX Power and that’s when I realized they are pretty similar!


Snob is definitely more on the mauve/purple side and so is Power! Power is definitely more purple. The textures of the two are where they are most different. Snob is a “satin finish” but is matte on my lips! It is pretty drying without a balm underneath. Power is creamy and isn’t drying at all! Snob lasts longer on the lips and Power leaves a strange goo after a while but most NYX lipsticks do as far as I know!


NYX lipsticks range from $2 to $10 depending on where you live or where you buy them and we all know the price of MAC lipsticks! I think Power is a good dupe for Snob, either way I love them both!xx Amanda

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