My Lavender/Mauve Dip Dye Hair

Recently everybody has been crazy over the dip dye hair style. I kinda skipped it because my hair is pretty short (about an inch past my collarbone). I wear my clip in hair extensions fairly often and I figured why not! If it looked bad i could just not wear them, ya know! I trimmed the ends of my extensions first and straightened them to make the application easier.


I was previously a red head and still had some rinse out red hair dye, Hot Chilli by Fudge. This is more of a magenta than a red though! I started with a white conditioner, I used Sunsilk Longer and Stronger. I mixed Hot Chilli (pea sized amount) with the conditioner and then mixed in my Bleach Blondes shampoo (about a teaspoon) by Lee Stafford, Bleach Blondes has insane staining power!





I left the hair dye mixture in for about half an hour and rinsed in warm water. Once the extensions were dry, I straightened them and here’s the end result!



I absolutely love it! I think this dip dye is really cute and not just your typical pink or blue!xx Amanda


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