Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is just under two weeks away and every year I put together some kind of list for my boyfriend. The idea is I pick a list of things I would like for my birthday and he chooses some things from the list! Usually I tell my mum what I want most haha.

This list has been saved in Wordpad for a while but I thought I’d make it all pretty for my Blog!


MAC Single Eyeshadow – Blanc Type $33 AUD
This is a really pretty base colour. I nearly bought it couple of weeks ago but didn’t, I don’t know why!

MAC Lipstick – Modesty, Pink Plaid & Snob $36 AUD
I only own 3 MAC lipsticks and Snob is one of them, my first actually! I’m nearly out so I thought having another will stop me from holding back on using it! Modesty & Pink Plaid are absolutely gorgeous too!


Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss – Pebble $48 AUD
I think the Golden Glosses are absolutely beautiful, ever since I saw them I wanted one which was another problem, what shade?! I think this would be the perfect first YSL lip product to own. Pebble really stood out to me and that’s what I’m sticking with… Quick! Before I change my mind!

Stila Sun Bronzing Powder – Shade 2 $30.30 AUD
I have never found my HG bronzer, Nars Laguna is good… but not the best I feel. I have read quite a bit about this bronzer, almost every review said shade 1 was too orange but shade 2 was perfect, so shade 2 it is!

Nars The Multiple – Riviera $50.50 AUD
Nars Multiples are one of my favourite products. Ever. I have two but they seem so lonely…

Nars Ita Kabuki Artisan Brush $50.50 AUD
So beautiful, I have wanted this since I got the Yachiyo brush

Thanks for reading!
xx Amanda

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