Avon Lipstick Review & Swatches!

So my last review post was on the Avon Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipstick in Brilliant Ruby, I had so much good feedback that I decided to review the other 3 lipsticks I bought from Avon. Out of the other three lipsticks, two are also from the Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance range and the other is from the Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact range.


My favourite thing about these lipsticks is that they are different to what I already have. They aren’t sheer but they aren’t opaque. I like how they are glittery but not frosty. Aurora Rose, Pink Paparazzi and Brilliant Ruby all have iridescent glitter through them, I assume the rest of the Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipsticks have the same iridescent glitter too. Pink pop has glitter, but it isn’t iridescent it’s gold! Some people aren’t a fan of glitter lipsticks but I think the glitter in these lipsticks make your lips appear fuller and kind of juicy!


Can I just take a moment to appreciate the print on the lipstick, so pretty!


Aurora Rose is a deep, dusky pink. It definitely has brown undertones although it doesn’t look like it while looking at it in the tube.


Pink Paparazzi is a bright vivid pink with blue undertones. This colour looks pretty extreme in the tube.


Brilliant Ruby is a beautiful pink based bright red! I fully reviewed Brilliant Ruby in my last post!


Pink Pop is the most beautiful color, but I just don’t think I pull it off. This is Nars Orgasm in lpstick form. Beautiful!


These lipsticks are so beautiful, not like anything else I have. For ages I thought Avon for much older women but these colors are definitely not old at all! I’m so glad I picked the colors that I did. Besides Pink Paparazzi I don’t have colors like these, that’s why i chose a red and I’m so glad I did! Pink pop is so pretty, it would be perfect for a cream blush but I think the glitter is a bit too chunky! I got hold of these through my mum, if you know anyone who does Avon or if you get the catalogue, have a browse! They usually have some good bargains!

imagexx Amanda

All of these opinions are my own, I am not sponsored or affiliated with Avon. These products were purchased with my own money!

18 thoughts on “Avon Lipstick Review & Swatches!

  1. They are pretty shades! I personally like the last 3 best. I’m not a fan of glitter in lipsticks though so I won’t be trying them. Also I have about a million lipsticks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I also thought of Avon as being an older woman’s brand, but these are so pretty on you! I’ll have to try Avon out after all.

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