The Perfect Red Lipstick


I am definitely a lipstick collector (hoarder) but I tend to avoid red lipsticks! I pretty much avoided everything but pink lipstick until the last year or so. I have just never really enjoyed the red/orange colour family… I don’t know! I have a few orange shades already so I decided to put on my big girl pants and get a red lipstick! To my surprise, I love it!


The lipstick I purchased is Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick in the shade Brilliant Ruby! They had an awesome deal where I spent $22 and I got 3 lipsticks and a free lipstick, gloss & makeup bag! I have to admit, the main reason I wanted these lipsticks is because the packaging is so pretty, it’s chrome pink!


The red I chose is a sheer but buildable pink based true red. The finish is super glossy which I love, I am SO prone to dry lips its insane. The lipstick has iridescent shimmers that stay on your lips even when the lipstick is gone, some people may not like that but I think it’s cute! The formula is super soft but you can definitely feel the glitter, it could put some people off but it didn’t bother me. The lipstick is long wearing and didn’t stain.

(A little bit of Brilliant Ruby over a lip balm)

I think this lipstick is great especially with a promotion! It is the perfect colour and formula for a red lipstick beginner like myself! I got to try a heap of new colours! I really like Avon lipsticks, I have 4 now and I really like all of them! If you see an Avon catalogue around, have a flip through, you might find a new favourite lipstick too!

xx Amanda

Not sponsored, not paid, not free products!

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