Australis Lipstick in Gangsta Rap Review & Swatches

FINALLY! I found it! I have been looking for this particular lipstick for what feels like a year haha. I went to Priceline last week specifically for this lipstick and it was the very last one, so happy, it was also on sale! I already own some Australis lip products and I absolutely love them! I love the colour range, I love the packaging, I love the price, I just… I just love them!


Gangsta Rap is a bright neon purple, although this lipstick is bright purple it is definitely not going to go to waste. This is such a wearable purple. I love the finish, glossy but creamy with full on colour. The only thing bad about this lipstick (all Australis lipsticks) is the smell/taste, it’s like plastic. It’s a bit like Vaseline but more intense. If you can get past that then I cannot fault this lipstick, especially for $12.95 (not on sale but there are ALWAYS Priceline sales).


I couldn’t suggest any dupes because I haven’t seen this colour before! I have compared Gangsta Rap to a couple of other lipsticks to show the difference in colour.

From L – R MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2, Australis Gangsta Rap, MAC Snob, Australis Lick The Icing.

I love lipsticks that can be combined with heaps of other lipsticks, Gangsta Rap is definitely one of them! My favourite way to wear Gangsta Rap is with Viva Glam Nicki 2 on top! I haven’t seen anything similar to this lipstick, I think it would look amazing on a deeper skin tone! If this colour isn’t for you Australis have released 3 other shades, check them out!

Gangsta Rap with Viva Glam Nicki 2 on top!

xx Amanda

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