Wish List Wednesday!

In Australia it is currently Winter. I am already getting excited about Spring! I love the perfect weather, the flowers start to bloom and the colours are bright and pretty. This Wish List Wednesday is going to be Nars products, Nars is my current favourite brand. I love the sophisticated look of Nars products, I think they look and feel quite expensive! The quality of Nars blushes is so good and such a little amount is required for an application! It would definitely take you a long time to get through a whole blush!

I’m really into pale lilac and pink at the moment and the product colours I’ve chosen really show that! I chose 3 lip pencils, 2 blushes and a multiple – multiples are my fave product from Nars!

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Paimpol (pink chiffon) & Pink Friday (delicate pastel pink) and a Satin Lip Pencil in Yu (shocking pink).

Blush in Mata Hari (pink with a rush of crimson), Highlighting Blush in New Order (sheer highlighter with golden shimmer) and The Multiple in Luxor (iridescent pink).

These are the products that I am lusting over at the moment! Nars is super expensive in Australia but hopefully I can grab a couple of these items online! I have just been so in love with lilac and I don’t know why!

xx Amanda
Ps- these are not my images, they are from http://www.narscosmetics.com and simply used in a collage!

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