Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, is it worth the $$?


Out of all of the makeup I own, I get the most questions about my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I don’t mind though because the Naked 2 palette is definitely in my top 10 beauty products! The Naked 2 palette has 12 eyeshadows – they are really wearable, neutral colours. Nothing crazy. Just basic, everyday eyeshadows. What makes this palette stand out to me is that the palette as a whole is just great on every level.


The packaging is one of my favourite parts about the palette! It is taupe coloured all over with dark brown writing. I think the packaging looks and feels expensive! It is definitely safe for travelling as it is made from metal but isn’t super heavy. When the palette is closed it is definitely closed, there is no way it is going to pop open and spill everywhere! On the back, like most cosmetics, there’s information about the product.


On the inside there is a mirror the size of the palette – big! The 12 eyeshadows are in individual rectangular pans inside plastic that keeps each eyeshadow in place. Underneath each eyeshadow, on the plastic, the name is printed in gold. I thought that the names would have worn off by now but it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon. Also included in the palette is a double sided brush, one side for packing on the shadow and one side for blending, I find this brush kinda useless though and only use it for eyeshadow under my lash line!


The first four eyeshadows are Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall & Chopper.
Foxy is a matte pale yellow, kinda chalky, not great pigmentation. Of all the eyeshadows, this one is my least favourite and the only let down in the palette. I only ever use Foxy for blending if I have gone a little over the top with a dark eyeshadow.
Half Baked is a bright shimmery gold and on my eyelids it looks a peachy! This eyeshadow is so smooth and buttery. There’s nothing bad to say about this eyeshadow and everyone needs a good shimmery gold!
Bootycall is a champagne shimmer colour perfect for a brow bone highlight or for the inner corner of your eye! So pretty and easily blendable, this is my most used colour in the palette.
Chopper is the copper version of Half Baked although it has a little bit of fallout.


The second four eyeshadows are Tease, Snakebite, Suspect & Pistol.
Tease is a matte medium taupe & lavender combination, kind of like a dirty, ashy lavender. I like to use this as a crease colour or to blend out darker colours – it is really the perfect shade for this!
Snakebite is my favourite colour in this palette! It is perfectly textured and so blendable! It is a medium to dark brown with gold shimmers, If I ever ran out of this colour I would re-purchase without a doubt!
Suspect is a taupey champagne colour but is definitely more on the taupe side! Has great texture and blends so smoothly.
Pistol is a perfect frosted shade of grey, not too dark, not too light, no fallout, perfect to blend! It is lovely paired with Verve!


The last four eyeshadows are Verve, YDK, Busted & Blackout.
Verve is a really pretty light grey, it is almost silver with a very light trace of lilac. Sometimes I use Verve for a brow bone highlight or on the inner corner depending on the other shades I use. Like all of the other shades, beautiful texture & blending!
YDK is a super shimmery medium brown with pink/copper undertones. I don’t use this colour very often, it really is a bold colour! Super glittery and easy to work with.
Busted is a gorgeous deep burgundy brown, perfect for a smoky eye! A little chalky compared with the other shimmery colours but it is such a nice colour.
Blackout is the mattest, blackest eyeshadow I have ever seen!! Being this matte it is a little chalky as expected. The colour is a little hard to blend, kind of stiff and is kinda hard to remove, that aside I have never seen a black like it!


In these pictures I am wearing Verve on my brow bone & inner corner, Suspect on my eyelid, Busted in my crease & under my lower lashline, I blended out Busted with Verve. I absolutely loved this combination!


I paid around $70 for my Naked 2 palette from http://www.beautybay.com although they are sold out often! I think they are definitely worth the money, you get 12 eyeshadows that are great quality! Before deciding whether you would prefer the Naked 1 or 2 really have a look at swatches and think what would work out better for you unless $70 is money you wouldn’t miss! I think everyone should at least own one Urban Decay eyeshadow – you will see what all the fuss is about!

xx Amanda

Ps – How cute is my shirt!

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