NYX Lipstick Review

NYX Lipsticks & Swatches

So a couple of days ago I received my order of NYX lipsticks! I buy them on eBay from a store called Venus Beauty Shop located in Maryland, USA – highly recommend! They are the cheapest store I have found for NYX on eBay that delivers to Australia. I buy them three at a time because for one lipstick it would cost around $6 USD including postage but for three lipsticks it costs around $11! So cheap!

There’s always sooo many colours to choose from when it comes to NYX so no doubt I will be placing another order soon but I just don’t have room which is both good and bad! Also – I originally wanted narcissus but both times it seemed to slip my mind, crazy right!?


Orange Soda – Gorgeous creamy pale orange, if you have a very fair, cool toned complexion I think this could come across a bit concealer lips! This colour is my second favourite and will go perfect with warm cheeks and a tan.
Marrakesh Pink – This colour is a milky coral and shows every imperfection in your lips, even cracks you weren’t aware of! The best advice would be to use a gloss on top! In the tube, there appears to be silver glitter but none transfers to the lips. This shade is a little chunky, I find it works the best to apply and then dab/rub it in.
Indian Pink – Such a pretty dark peach colour with gold shimmer, I loooove this colour! Really creamy and has such a beautiful finish, I couldn’t imagine this lipstick without the gold shimmer!


Power – Muted deep lavender that I could not imagine looking bad on anyone! So moisturizing and creamy! This lipstick is the darker version of MAC – ‘Snob’ but less drying!
Paris – This lipstick is the pink version of Power (above)! Power mixed with Pink Lyric makes the prettiest magenta! Super creamy!
Pink Lyric – Bright, creamy, opaque medium pink. This lipstick sits really pretty on the lips and is just a lovely bright pink, everyone should own one!


I think NYX lipsticks are beautiful! They are SO cheap! The packaging doesn’t look or feel cheap, it is actually quite sleek and I like that you can see the colour on the bottom! I love these lipsticks and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying them!!

xx Amanda

9 thoughts on “NYX Lipstick Review

  1. Those colours as so gorgeous, especially on your skin tone. They’d look horrible on me, but yeah! I love NYX lipsticks ❤

      • Yeah I’ve heard they’re silky and easy to apply, AND that they’re moisturising – sounds like the perfect lipsticks, haha. Oh gosh, we’ll see, I’m buying the coastal scents lip palette to try out loads of funky colours so we’ll see! Anyway, lovely post! x

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