Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer in Phenomenon

How cool is the product name, Apocalips. With all of the zombie fanatics out there I’m really surprised that a cosmetic company didn’t come up with the name Apocalips sooner! The new range of lip lacquers come in eight different shades and they are gorgeous! For some reason the shades in Australia differ to the Rimmel UK website shades, random!

(Picture from http://www.priceline.com.au)

I originally went to priceline with the intention of buying nude eclipse but they were sold out! There was a sale on with half price Rimmel cosmetics and since I went on the last day I went with phenomenon! The shades available are nudes, pinks and reds, I was looking for an everyday lip colour so a nude it was! I find this shade of nude to be a little bit like concealer lips so I pair it with a deep nude lip pencil, Essence lip liner ‘In The Nude’ is my favourite!

(Essence liner by itself, Apocalips on top of liner, Apocalips alone.)

Can i just mention how horrible Rimmel lip products smell, yuck! Since it was 50% off Rimmel, I got Apocalips for $7.97! I’m glad I did because I’m not in love with it. The Priceline website says “100 Phenomenon: Long lasting ultra-comfortable lacquered liquid lipstick formula” which I have to disagree! I don’t think it is thick enough to be called a liquid lipstick, it is definitely more of a gloss, still nice and pigmented but not completely opaque. Phenomenon lasted only an hour and a half – without eating or drinking – until it was completely gone, it left behind a gross line of goo on my inner bottom lip.


Aside from the lasting power (or lack of) I think that this is a good product for a few hours wear! You will definitely need a mirror to apply because its just too heavy not to! I haven’t tried the other shades in the range but I don’t think I will, maybe if they were really cheap but not likely. More than anything it’s the smell, ugh, I’m usually fine with scents even the perfume smelling products but Rimmel lip products… Yuck! If you can stomach the smell I think you should check it out it make sure you give it a sniff first!


xx Amanda

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