Maybelline ColorSensational Vivid Lipstick in Pink Pop!

Here it is! My first lipstick review! I chose to review this lipstick because it has not had a very good life so far and I fear that one day soon could be the last. I have already smashed the lid, bashed the lipstick on the side of the tube, taken a chunk with the lid and it is now rocking a lean! I’m thinking I might just de-pot poor Pink Pop.



Pink Pop is such an adorable name but that is exactly what it is! A pop of the prettiest, bright, blue based neon pink! There is definitely a scent, i found the scent perfume-y and my boyfriend said “it smells like i want to eat it” haha. There are no shimmers or glitter that transfers to the lips although I have read other blog posts that say it does have shimmers! The colour applies creamy and semi opaque but it is definitely buildable. On the lips it stays glossy and doesn’t emphasize cracks but it definitely doesn’t hide them.


I think that Pink Pop can be worn on most skin tones although I do prefer how it looks on myself with a tan. I wore this lipstick for 2 hours and ate a meal before re-applying so I don’t think a lip liner is necessary! I do have to say that this lipstick doesn’t “set” so it can move around a bit, if worn with a gloss this isn’t a problem.


I love the colour and finish, i can see myself wearing this shade often! Between reapplying I used a lip balm because I am prone to super dry lips and the opacity wasn’t dulled down. After removing the lipstick there were no stains left behind, yay! I am really enjoying this lipstick and I suggest you test it out before buying as it can look different on various skin tones!

xx Amanda

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