Australis Pretty Pastels Palette Review

So a couple of days ago I went on a hunt to find the new shades of lipstick just released from Australis. I. NEED. ONE. I need the purple shade and yes, because it is called “Gangsta Rap” hahaha. I looked at 2 different K-marts, 2 different Pricelines and a Big W with no luck! I’ve given up the hunt for a few days but of course I couldn’t go to all of those shops and leave empty handed, could I? As I was looking through the Australis section of K-mart I saw right down the bottom a lonely little Pretty Pastels palette!

(The deceiving box! No pastels!)

I have been wanting this palette since it came out but it kinda slipped to the back of my mind… Haha oops! I was on a mini spending ban til I could sort out what I had anyway! So anyway, I grabbed the palette for half price, I believe it was $20 when it was first released and I think I paid around $10, bargain!

The packaging is super cute as always with Australis! The palette is a matte black with Australis written in a hot pink foil. Inside there are three eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and a pressed powder.

(the fallout after using the powder & half way through my eyeshadow)

The pressed powder is HUGE! There’s 10g of pressed powder which is only 2g less than the individual Fresh & Flawless pressed powder. There is a slight difference between them though, the Fresh & Flawless pressed powder is smoother, more silky to the touch with a whole lot less fallout. The fallout from the pressed powder in the palette is insane, it goes everywhere! I think it could be the same shade as ‘natural’ in the Fresh & Flawless range and as far as I know this is the only shade available in the palettes which wouldn’t be suitable for someone with a darker or even tan skintone.

(The pressed powder from the palette on the left, fresh and flawless on the right)

The three eyeshadows (1.5g each) are cool toned neutral shades. They have a nice silky texture but just go everywhere. The first colour is the lightest, a champagne with iridescent shimmer and is definitely a frosty finish, I used this as a face highlight (nose, cheeks, forehead) and it worked great. The middle colour is a beige with silver shimmers and has tiny silver shimmers and appears to be a satin finish, I tried to use this colour but it was hardly visible! The third colour is an ashy deep brown with a plum and gold shimmer – also very frosty. Even though the plum doesn’t transfer to the lid this colour is my favourite of the three, I think it compliments my eye colour really well. The eyeshadows also have terrible fallout!


The blush (2.5g) is a matte dusty pink and it isn’t light but it isn’t dark. The blush is like a matte version of the single blush ‘Glamour’ by Australis and it compliments the bronzer beautifully! Surprisingly the blush has no fallout and is so smooth and blendable!

The bronzer (2.5g) is my favourite of the palette! The colour is a medium brown, picture Nars ‘Laguna’ but with shimmer! The shimmer is golden iridescent but definitely not overpowering – you won’t look like a disco ball! This bronzer is so buttery and silky I just love it! There was fallout but not nearly as much as the pressed powder or eyeshadows and not enough to make me not love it.


Overall I think this palette is definitely not a necessity but if you have a light complexion I would recommend, a little disappointing for anyone with a good tan or a dark complexion. I am a little confused with the name “Pretty Pastels” because nothing about this palette is necessarily pretty or pastel. The packaging is pretty but it is the same as all of the small Australis palettes! There is definitely nothing pastel about the palette besides the box that the palette comes in, random but whatever! The 10g of pressed powder alone is worth the $10! If you can’t find the palette – don’t worry. Australis always have fun new products and are super affordable! Here’s the finished look and everything else I used!


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